Hi fellow bloggers, we are looking for some advice and input. So the past couple of days have been sort of a roller coaster. You see, both of us having providing odd job services such as tech support/help for a couple families as well as babysitting and being a personal assistant for a wealthy family who is really great and generous, in which we have come to view more so as friends than employees. This job has been ongoing for the past year now.

Spiffy and I are going on 30 and have been wanting to start our very own business for awhile and have been talking about for some time now but with working six days a week and trying to make the earnings needed, we haven’t yet.

Just about a week ago we were presented with a (NDA disclosure agreement) document through email by them, stating that if we cause damage or distrust with them or on their premise that we would be sued and would agree to  plead quilty and pay for damages upfront without having a say in things if signed. Well since we didn’t agree with the document and asked for it to be revised twice according to the interests and needs of both parties; them and us. After going back and forth the past couple of days, we were politely told last night that it was not possible and that we would have to sign the document or else could no longer work for them. We accepted the difference in agreement and parted ways. I was very saddened but thought this could be a good thing, a time to shift focus and change gears.

Now, they emailed us reassuring that the document is not intended to be malicious in anyway and is just for the protection for their family and would really like for us to stick around and to just sign it.I need your Advice - Copy

Well, between last night and this morning, we realized how it was a blessing in disguise and how we can finally focus on our future and choose our own destiny  (getting married, buying a place, having kids) rather than building up everyone else’s future rather then being stagnant putting ours on hold. I saw this as an opportunity to put our full hearts into our business now that we have the time and go full swing with it. We both agreed that we could create the future we want sooner than we thought. I saw it as a sign from god that this was it, this was the time.

Now we are on the fence on what to do. Any advice?

should we put our full focus and hearts into giving our business a go and see where it can us take, perhaps this will make us successful, while politely parting ways with this family or should we go back to working with the family and slowly build our business with no promises of when we can fully be on our own?


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  1. Julie Cao says:

    I recommend you give your own business a try. I wont sign that NDA document if I were you, and it takes long to build trust with that family and this document is very unpleasant. I hope you are very successful in your own dream.

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    1. valid points you made. It’s rather bittersweet parting ways. We miss them but look forward to creating our business. Thank you so much:)

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  2. go with your gut instinct! if i was in your situation i would concentrate on my own business because working for somebody else you are always at thyeir mercy.. take control of youtr life and destiny..


  3. Jonno says:

    This is a great opportunity for you that you will regret if you don’t give it a try. Give yourself a fixed period of time to try your own business venture then decide at that time whether to continue of go back to your current life. What is the worst that could happen?


  4. wingy1742 says:

    In the end, the document is what you will have to live with for your course of action. Ideally the scales of contract would be level, but it sounds like one part has tipped the sales only in their favor. Are you OK with not being able to tip those scales back into your favor should they do something you cannot live with? A signed piece of paper is what will count in the end, not the intent they state. Often God presents you with opportunities that are hard to see at the time, this may be that big one that gives you a new course on life.


  5. Joanna Lynn says:

    I definitely believe you should start your business. Your dreams are worth the effort. Plus, the wording in that document was so general that they could sue you for anything you said or did since the word “distrust” was in it. People can distrust anyone for anything they say if it offends them. There is no protection for you under this agreement. They have cleared away anything that would hold them accountable and put everything fully on you. They may not mean anything by this, but I’d hate to put my entire future on the line of saying or doing something (anything) and having them come after me with a document in hand claiming that you were fully at fault no matter the circumstances.


  6. mynewsdrive says:

    Follow your heart! 🙂


  7. jolynnpowers says:

    Have you made a business plan yet?? Have you written down what the costs are and have you saved enough to live without other income while you get your start up running? have you talked with the small business administration to get your plans in order yet? I would stick with the job until I had a workable plan in hand. Most businesses fail in the first two years due to lack of planning… so plan first then quit when the time is right…. working for yourself is hard but can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do….. just do your home work and get advice so you don’t make all the mistakes others have made before and be realistic about income and expenses. You may want to be able to eat while working full time on your business.


  8. ASH says:

    Look to your feelings
    Have faith

    Remember: doubt is a vote “no”


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