2017 Wrapped Up

Spiffy & I thought it would be a good idea to put this past year into perspective and reflect on all that has happened and all we did in 2017 to where we are now. Both of us chose to separately write down our thoughts on paper and share it with all of our fellow bloggers.

First and foremost we want to thank you all for reading, listening, and following our blog as we took this journey of ours this past year and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! 


I feel so blessed by God. We may not have much but it’s as though we have everything. Oddly enough this is the happiest I have ever been. So happy that I wouldn’t give this lifestyle up to go back to what it was before although, we do have plans to eventually have a more stable kind of home-front. My life before was always kind of like the same ole thing,  A normal work schedule for the most part, causes your weeks to be almost the same and easy to foresee as to what you can expect for your near future not to mention, it doesn’t allow a lot of wiggle room to randomly to something far fetched and try something new on any given day. What I have come to learn is that when you have walls that surround you, one starts to get a little too comfortable in various ways and have time on our hands to ‘sit and watch tv’; by that, I mean one may start to let things go, and become lazy when it comes to certain things of importance.

When I really think about it, it amazes me that given our circumstances, I have found self-fulfillment, happiness, and love. Through all of this, we have learned greatly, grown in many ways, gone outside of our comfort zone, overcome your not so typical day to day challenges, and have had to experience and explore life in such a unique way to where we have made discoveries. We are constantly picking up and going; not in the way your thinking of though probably. We are constantly having to choose a different place to sleep so we don’t overstay our welcome. Therefore, it is usually never until the day of that we know where we are sleeping, and our work schedule fluctuates daily. So you can imagine just how much of a whirl wind of a rollercoaster it’s been, one that has kept us very active. Mind you, the whole journey has been within a 50-60 mile radius, so it’s not like we’re busy traveling the world while living this lifestyle of ours. We’re simply making the most out of our situation meanwhile, finding the means to get by.

Having nothing, forced us to see things with different pair of lenses, and value the things that are often overlooked, such as having a clean pair of clothes, a store just close enough for when needing to use the restroom, that compact mirror packed away in your bags, somewhere to sleep at night, bedding to keep warm, a place to seek shelter when it rains, and feeling differently for that homeless guy you see at his hangout spot outside of Starbucks, sitting on the bench week after week always being sure to silently give a gentle polite smile to the stranger that passes by.

We have found love, adventure, happiness through all this. I have come to find that for one, you cannot live according to others expectations. Secondly,  solemnly living for another person’s happiness but your own, making that one family member happy while meanwhile, you yourself are miserable is just not a way to live. It just doesn’t work that way. You can not please everyone, and you most certainly have to be happy with yourself before you can make another happy.

Be your own individual. Do what you feel is right for you. Listen to your heart and go with your gut; What does it tell You? It’s the acceptance part that people tend to struggle with. I know this, I have dealt with my fair share through this adventure of mine this past year and has honestly been painful and difficult at times. Still not one single family member knows that this is how we truly have been living because telling them before we reach our end goal would just turn more disasterous than it already has been when subjects such as ‘disapproving of us living states away from our parents and closer to other family members, not making the drive to visit more often for every celebration, not being married yet, not owning a home and throwing money down the drain to the whole not working for corporate part. ‘ The other thing to is when one family member gets in on something, the rest of the army joins in, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid until we have figures things out. We don’t want to be a disappoint to them. We just want to grow into the individuals we are meant to be and be our own person aside from being a sibling, daughter or son and seek independence.

God challenges us in ways I very much so thank him for; in ways we would have never initially taken or expected but have managed to conquer; making us a stronger individual and closer as a pair. But more so than that, God had guided us and has lead us through this entire journey of ours. We feel that this is what we were called to do, at least for now.

“Sometimes the happiest people are those who have nothing at all.”



We were faced with extreme limitations that squeezed us to the point to where things such as where to sleep, how to eat the very basics, and how or where to live were nothing but uncertainties and were never guaranteed. However, in the middle of nowhere, you find greater joy in having the very basic of things; a warm meal, a safe place to sleep, a place to take a nice hot shower and most importantly, having each other as you face the struggles.

Unexpectedly facing these difficulties, tempered us like a sword in hot fire; driving down unknown territory of dirt trails, walking through the woods on the darkest of nights as coyotes howl nearby and sleeping out in the wilderness. Being able to sustain such a lifestyle, revealed just how strong we really were.

 Pushed outside of our comfort zone. Meanwhile, navigated these difficulties, pushed us to do things we never would have. Sleeping 4+ months in the woods and setting up camp discreetly as possible allowed us to walk beneath the stars at night; seeing them like never before. Almost as though we were among the many twinkles that glistened. It also allowed us to wake up to beautiful sunsets that rose before your eyes, hear the natural soothing sounds of nature; sometimes giving the comfort of not feeling alone in the woods.

Through all of this, we found peace in that we could survive on close to nothing and be happy.

P.S. We have now moved to urban stealth vehicle sleeping now that winter is full steam ahead, which we will be blogging about in this new year but still plan to continue sharing our many adventures of this past year with you all. Sorry for the whole rambling on so much


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love the phrase urban stealth vehicle sleeping. Here it is so cold that camping outdoors would be impossible. I am grateful that wherever you are you have a vehicle to sleep in.


  2. Happy new year. Here is to new beginnings


  3. I hear the joy of your chosen lifestyle emanating from your every word. Given that I too chose the road less traveled, I totally get it and was smiling from ear to ear reading your 2017 in review. Happy New Year.


  4. Joanna Lynn says:

    Sounds like a grand adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sure was and now onto the next year, which hopefully will be just as grand if not more so:)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow. To me you are really brave! Blessings to you! ❤


  6. 4+ months is quite a lot for me to live a bohemian lifestyle. What a great experience though to be able to live simply and resourcefully and truly enjoy nature. This is true living at its rawness. Whenever I watch a post apocalypse movie I would occasionally wonder if I could survive “bare bones.”


  7. Cindy Wolff says:

    Stay safe and healthy on your journey


  8. Brave souls, that is what you are, and look at all you’ve extracted from your experiences. Good luck in your travels.


  9. Did you realize that thrift and thrifty are closely related to the verb thrive? May you thrive in 2018.


  10. Nice to find you, via one of the other blogs we both read. Sounds like 2017 was a great year for you both. It is very true that the simple things become so valued and important.. the hot water, the comfortable bed and of course each other. Wishing you an equally adventurous and exciting 2018.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to have you check our blog out:) It’s amazing how the things that are apart of your every-days such as what you outlined go unnoticed until they become a “luxury” to have. Hope your 2018 is going just as you planned as well!


  11. Helen C says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog, so I have a chance to come here. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your story. You are wise and courageous people. (I wish I were like that.) I can’t wait to read all of your last year’s posts.
    Take care.


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