Holiday Travels

On the road joining many others as we make our way down to Georgia to visit family for Christmas. Everyone must of had the same idea in mind when deciding to travel the very same weekend as Christmas with the amount of traffic that follows you on the road.

What would you say is is one of the number one things on peoples minds when getting ready to travel long distance during the holidays? To just get there and not waste time, when we first and foremost should be thinking safety. I say this because us two have seen one two many people in such a rush on the road next to us, in front us us, behind us, and on the highway opposite us to the point to where we have witnessed terrible accidents, one of which a car was upside down with people jumping out of their cars to give a helping hand. I am grateful that It’s been a safe journey for us however, at the same time, it’s so very saddening to see such a sight. I pray that those injured are okay and live to see their family and loved ones, and to see the next year. These poor people are just trying to getting their destination to see family when out of nowhere the worst of the worst scenario happens.

It’s heartbreaking. So please fellow travelers, drive as safe as one possibly can and do not focus on racing against time. Buckle up, slow down, and have all eye’s on the road. Safe and happy Travels!

“ Simply enjoy the journey.”


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  1. Wise words my friend.. So many crazy driving on the roads right now.. Take care, and Safe Travels and Happy Holidays to you and your family xxx ❤ Sue

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    1. You got that right, crazy drivers indeed who are nothing but focused on reaching you destination within a certain time frame. Thank you. Hope you had a merry Christmas too!

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      1. We did, a wonderful peaceful and pleasant one was had by all. 🙂

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        1. That’s terrific🙂 glad you enjoyed Christmas and may you have a happy New Years

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  2. Prayers to those who don’t quite make it safety. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes we all forget how fortunate we are just to arrive safely somewhere. It’s a big deal. xxoo

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    1. Me too, I hope and pray those who got hurt in accidents along the way. So true, Our minds our often elsewhere when traveling to where we forget the safety of ourselves as well as others.

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    One Thanksgiving driving from New York City to our home in Connecticut the road was blocked for 4 hours because of a fatal one car accident of a speeding man. Amazingly, we all got out of our cars and visited and offered to share the food each of us had in our cars. We even figured out how to use the woods for bathroom breaks, men to one area, women to another. I was sorry that the speeding car driver lost his life, but amazed at the acceptance of the other drivers. I try to remember that speeding gets you nowhere!

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    1. Wow I am truly amazed at how everyone came together to help one another out in such a way as you all waited. That’s so sad though how that guy lost his life over one bad decision. It’s a great self reminder I will say though.

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        It was a great Thanksgiving after all.

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        1. Happy to hear! Did you enjoy Christmas with loved ones this year?

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        2. Elizabeth says:

          Very much so. With grandkids lots of joy.


  4. mommyhon333 says:

    Hoping you arrived safely to your destination and can begin to enjoy being with your Georgia family. It is so very sad to know that some of those traveling won’t make it to where they were headed.

    I am grateful we are staying home this holiday and my children have come and will be coming to us. Prayers for your safe return home. Merry Christmas!

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  5. Thank you so very much. We were very fortunate to have made it safely. May God be with those who lost their loved ones and are no longer with us. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas time spent with your family and Merry Christmas🙂


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