Time For a Change

Here we were, on the road looking for our next destination once again. You would think that it would be difficult and quit frustrating not knowing where you’re going to sleep next but when you get so used to doing this, it becomes just a thing of the norm, which in our case was like an adventure. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like exploring new places? drive to bicyclist park

The weather was looking up for Sweets and Spiffy as Sweets snapped away taking picture after picture while sitting in the passenger seat. I loved the feeling of hitting the road with anticipation of not knowing where we were going next except for that wherever we would end up would be both thrilling and exciting, as it was overtime for us. We had been on a stretch of road for a bit when everything around us turned into nothing but greenery forests. Spiffy took his time behind the wheel as we scouted out the areas of the northern mountains being sure not to miss potential spots that would be ideal.

Right we turned, onto Tyrrel Rd. We came to a dead end; bringing us to a multi-use land that was apparently mainly for bicyclists by the amount of bicycle racks on the back of all these cars parked next to one another. The camp spots to be found were few and far to come by but luckily found a some right off the huge, long dirt road. they may have been just around the corner from a row of houses but hey, it worked for us. “Eany, meeny, many, moe, which one should we choose to go.” was exactly what was going through Sweets mind when deciding which one out of the three to setup camp. Lets see, there the one hidden deep in the woods down someways but there’s not any parking to be found and was way to far from the parking lot Nope that won’t work. Then there’s the one not far off the bike trail that’s just enough in the woods for no one to see us…

Wait!  “What do we have here?!” Spiffy said aloud looking at the big open area that looked as though it was mowed down creating space to camp for a party of 20. This is the spot! Sure, this spot was visible to anyone passing by but how can we pass a spot as pretty as this one? Right there smack in the middle, laid a well built campfire pit. Someone sure new what they were doing when putting it together; the stones were perfectly stacked on top of one another is a circular shape; there was even a two-person parking spot right there which would allow for easy unloading and to have our car within eyesight.

Camping here meant Spiffy and Sweets would have to strip down the tent every morning before leaving and put back up together for every night they chose to stay. Although it was more of a hassle, both decided to go with it.


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    1. For the most part it is:) but trust me, this lifestyle definitely comes with it’s struggles and downfalls. It’s just the matter of what you make of each day.


  1. ortensia says:

    If it a choice I wouldn’t dream to call it either frustrating or stressing…..may be exciting and enriching ?😉😍

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    1. It was and wasn’t a choice at the same time if that makes any sense. We were in a hard spot & started off on weighing the cost of renting, and money wise, thought it would be best to try this in order to provide the future we wanted for ourselves. It has been an eye opener and a build of character to say the least 😀 knowing we can go months on end without things such as a kitchen, having our own shower, and restroom that I use to not think twice about when I had it.

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      1. ortensia says:

        I love your attitude 😀


  2. You’re obviously having lots of fun in your life. This post was so great to read. You are really inspiring!


  3. I think we have finally realised that not having a bath and a kitchen has its limits. Year three and we have just sent almost two months building a best chicken coop ever and goose pen, and yet not touched our own home, so still using porta-loo and living in a mess. But we do love it really. However, we do need to push on with changes in our life, and its all an adventure in the end. Just keep doing new things or growing existing projects. I think your look back this this time and give yourselves a huge pat on the back. Happy 2018!


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