“Let’s get out of here.” The sun was out, temperatures were rising; we survived! Making it through what felt to be a wrench out of socket. After a tough several days, we were ready to get moving. This past week was far from what we had expected. We had it in our minds going into this that this would be an easy transition; that we’d be soaking up warm summer weather meanwhile, getting some solitude and relaxation out here away from civilization. Yeah wishful thinking that was, all we got was chilly weather, getting stuck in downpour after downpour, and four legged predators making it their goal to wreck our sleep. We had had enough of it. Okay, well not really. We weren’t about to give up and quit. But we were ready to try something else out. So, because of invading what seemed to be coyote territory, we packed our belongings or should I say the little bit we had, and were on our way as though it was move-out day. Once again not knowing where our next stay would be, we kept our eye’s peeled waiting to come across a hidden gem as we drove south. Sweets was getting anxious, “We’ve been driving forever, ugh” An hour and a half went by when the two approached what seemed to be trails. “Stop! Pull over.” I said as Spiffy reared off the road and brought the car to a holt.

On the move

We began hiking through trees and shrubs when our walk brought us through an open meadow. We hadn’t known we were were but my goodness it was beautiful; Sunrays streamed down amongst the hilltop grass, grazing the rubbish, creating reflection off the treetops. We took in a deep breath of fresh air and continued on until right before us was a hidden passage that of which reminded me of a pass way to a secret garden. Enchanting it was! Sweets took the passage that led to the middle of the lush forest. Our legs were tired; our arms and back ached, and were completely drained from lugging around gear. Still nothing. “Wait! Check this out.” Spiffy said turning to Sweets as she caught her breath. A small area paved the way for the hiker looking to catch a snooze. It may have not been everything we hoped for but was manageable after the hike we did. We lit that fire pit up and got all cozy.

passage secret
Secret Passage


Into the Woods we go
Light that fire up

Oh no you have got to be kidding me! What is this the attack of the birds?!? My goodness were the birds screeching loud. You would have thought these were grounds for hunters by the way the birds sounded. Another week with little to no sleep at all.

Looking out from within

Crack of dawn, I stretched my arms, gave out a huge yawn when in the flash of lightening, a jogger runs by practically brushing against our tent. Mind you, it wasn’t exactly a place where you’d expect one to be running, there were thorns surrounding the whole perimeter. The jogger looked like the typical “tennis mom.” So, it’s not like she was equipped with hiking gear for that matter to make better sense of it all. Spiffy still being asleep when it occurred was startled out of a dream.

bird soaring through sky
Sun shining down

The next days were followed by horrendous hot mornings. From where we camped, The sun beamed right on you, directly from above, causing you to sweat from the inside out. Have you ever been to a sauna before? Well, that’s exactly what it felt like except free of charge and no easy way out. If you weren’t out of there by 9am you were doomed. Aside from that, we’d hear the sound of distant music playing, almost like people were gathering together. Oh, did I mention we decided to buy ear buds and give it a try as far as tuning out noise in the night? Well, we did and got to say it works out pretty well.

I guess it can go without saying that you are never ever alone in a forest. There is always something or someone else out there.


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  1. Robyn Haynes says:

    What’s an adventure if not a challenge? Love the photo of the secret passage

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    1. Thanks for stopping by😊 appreciate the compliments. Haha right? I think this is more of a challenge than anything else. There is never a dull moment…We’ll for sure have plenty more to share.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. acraftymix says:

    Did you ever find out what the tennis mom jogger was doing there? I would have been so surprised. The wonders of camping 😉


    1. Not a clue…we’ve crossed other hikers and what not when passing by but nothing like this. It was as though she didn’t take notice to us let alone our tent right in her path. You got that right lol the things you see when camping 😆


  3. How funny – we had a very similar experience when we thought we were in the middle of nowhere and woke up to find a whole family walking their dog right past us!

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    1. Bahaha no way?! I guess someone had the same idea in mind…checking out the gorgeous woods. Isn’t that a bummer when you think you have the area to yourself only to find out your not the only one there?

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  4. lisakunk says:

    Coyotes for company. Hmmm Around NC it’s bears, rattleznakes, and even alligators in the right part of the state. I admire diehard campers like you. My nephew and his wife are such a breed too. They spent a week camping in canoes in the everglades. My first thought biting bugs, biting snakes and biting gators. I think I’d rather have a tennis mom jog by than one of those critters stopping in for breakfast. We live on a farm that backs up to a park meaning our woods join theirs. So, it’s more likely than not that we’ll be hiking around the property and see a biker or runner following a trail on the parks property. It does take a little of the peace from or serene moment. But, oh well.

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    1. So sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the kind words. I am not quite sure if we’d be brave enough to take on such animals you mentioned in the everglades, at least not just yet lol. We have yet to come into contact with bears but have heard nothing but horror stories with how aggressive they are and how cautious one must be. there is a lot of that (biting) out here in the wilderness. We’ve got bit by random bugs to tick bites, luckily no snake or creature for that matter. haha that’s too funny, your absolutely right, a tennis mom jogging by should be the least of our worries. Living on a farm would be nice. One day we plan to own some land of our ver own to live on.

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      1. lisakunk says:

        I cannot recommend highly enough having your own little piece of dirt upon which to sit and watch the sun rise and set. My only regret in this wonderful life that we have on our farm with our four kids and I are numerous animals is that I wish we had traveled more before the children came along. Our work prevented that from happening but I would love to look back on those memories. We did a lot of camping and traveling and mission work with are youth group at church where we were leaders. Those are priceless memories for sure. We’re getting some more personal traveling in now after our first half century of life. It’s a little slower but it’s still good. Enjoy.


  5. Love this. What a vivid picture you paint. I look forward to reading more of your adventures 🙂

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    1. Yay! Thanks for the compliment and stopping by. I’m so glad you think so🙂

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  6. I love your photos and the old aged quality. Reminds me of childhood in the seventies.


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